Treehouse Masters

Top 5 Treehouses


Pete and his team create some of the most imaginary and incredible tree houses that can be found in North America.

We take a deeper look at just a few of the many showcased on the show.


Cedar Saloon

This cedar saloon was built with the Wild West in mind! This rustic tree house has no shortage of Western features from swinging doors to chairs made from horse saddles.




Silver Maple

This Mind-Bending Silver Maple twists and turns around this very large tree. It is decorated to have a very at home feel and even includes a kitchenette. With multiple levels and swinging bridges to get from place to place, this tree house is one of a kind.





The skihouse is perfect for those that appreciate winter sports! From chairs made out of skis to snowshoes hung along the railings, this tree house embraces the activities you can do in those cold winter months. There is even an outdoor fireplace for when it gets a bit chilly.  




Sunrise Day Camp

This tree house has a special purpose. Sunrise Day Camp is a retreat for children battling cancer. This tree house includes all sorts of amenities, such as swinging chairs, outdoor games and art work stations, to assist kids with their healing process. 



Triple Decker

This triple decker tree house is definitely unique. Three different pods, built on three different levels makes this one of the biggest tree houses built on the show. With a Swiss Robinson Family feel to it there is a living area and bar in the main pod and a small roost at the top that looks out over a river.