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The Dangers of Poaching

Poaching is a serious issue worldwide. The act of poaching is to illegally hunt, kill or capture and animal. Some examples would include:
  • Hunting and fishing during a closed season
  • Taking more game or fish than is allowed by the law
  • Unlawful collection of wildlife for trafficking purposes
The act of poaching puts the population of species of wildlife at dangers and can affect the entire ecosystem.

Often an entire carcass will be left behind to waste away while the poachers take one or two small parts to sell for profitable gain. 

Certain parts of specific fish and animals have different values and can be sold for a significant amount of money.
Hunting in the designated season is extremely important. Hunting in off seasons can have major impacts on the ecosystem. The off season provides time for animal populations to birth and rear their young, helping grow new generations. Unlawfully killing at this time could endanger the future of the species.


It is important as a hunter to have proper documentation at all times. Hunting and firearm licenses, hunting tags and proper permissions to hunt on specific areas of land are all MUSTS to avoid getting any poaching charges. 

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