About Whale Wars: Season 5
Animal Planet's Emmy®-nominated WHALE WARS returns for an all-new, fifth season with eight engaging new episodes and a one-hour recap special documenting the Sea Shepherd's annual whale defence campaign in the Southern Ocean. Season 5 of Animal Planet's #1 series finds Canadian Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society more determined than ever as they unleash a powerful arsenal of improved strategy, tactics and introduce new crew members to stave off Japanese whalers in "Operation Divine Wind."

At the end of the fourth season of WHALE WARS, Sea Shepherd declared a cautious victory against the Japanese whalers, turning them away and saving hundreds of whales. So when the whalers declared their intentions to return to the Southern Ocean - this time escorted by a security vessel - Watson and crew quickly scrambled to mobilize their ships and crew to stop them.

This season, Sea Sh
epherd faces a multitude of tribulations, including a damaged rudder on Steve Irwin, an inexperienced helicopter pilot brought in to replace veteran Chris Aultman, potential crew tension with the return of Peter Brown, a new captain for Brigitte Bardot, the most extreme weather conditions ever seen in the WHALE WARS saga and more.

The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recognized WHALE WARS in 2009 for exploring issues of concern to our society in a compelling, emotional and insightful way by bestowing the series with a Television Academy Honor which identifying it as "television with a conscience."
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