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Forget Bermuda, the Alaska Triangle is where the real monsters are.


There are certain places on Earth that seem to be shrouded in mystery and are magnets for disappearances. But there's no place in America that has had more disappearances than a 200,000 mile wide area in Alaska known as the Alaska triangle. 

The triangle encompasses a fairly large section of state from the south-eastern ridge all the way up to the northern mountain range. It’s mostly unexplored wilderness, full of woods and mountains, and mystery.

It's estimated that since 1988, a staggering
16 000 people have vanished without a trace from this anomalous zone.


But these scary mysteries don't frighten the trails men of Alaska Monsters, in fact, they intrigue them. With each mysterious disappearance and occurrence, the men reach deeper into the woods to find out which monsters are behind it all. 

Is it Bigfoot? Sasquatch? These outdoorsmen are here to find out. 


Unafraid, they ride into the dark forests and into the dark Alaskan night to trace the monsters they think are responsible for the disappearances of thousands of people. Trekking on difficult terrain, setting up and executing elaborate plans, and looking their fears right in the eye.

Zone by zone, the frontiersmen explore the triangle. Investigating leads, footprints, and stories from locals, they tackle every lead they can get that could help them solve this long lasting mystery.


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