Animal Planet's 2012 Merry Marathon Online
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Monday, Dec 24 (available until Monday, Dec 31)

Wild Obsession follows individuals fulfilling their lifelong dream to come face to face with some of the world's most exotic and elusive animals. This 6 part one-hour series follows regular, everyday people, as they are thrown out of their element into the earth's elements. Paired with an expert in the field, the two set out to achieve their goal on the ultimate journey.

Tuesday, Dec 25 (available until Tuesday, Jan 1)

Bad Dog! Is a hilarious hour of television documenting just how far pets can push their owners and still get unconditional love. They are some of the bawdiest pets on the planet and you'll meet their owners who love them just the way they are.

Wednesday, Dec 26 (available until Wednesday, Jan 2)

Follow the sleuths of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization as they traverse North America in search of the legendary beast.

Thursday, Dec 27 (available until Thursday, Jan 3)

Paul Bedard and Jimmy Riffle are two men who defy death capturing alligators with their bare hands. This six-part series follows every crazy adventure and sticky situation the duo encounter. The GATOR BOYS keep people safe as they simultaneously defend blameless gators and other wildlife displaced by South Florida's urban sprawl, moving them to safety before trappers - who kill and sell the animals for their skin and meat - get to them.

Friday, Dec 28 (available until Friday, Jan 4)

Season 5 finds Canadian Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society more determined than ever as they unleash a powerful arsenal of improved strategy, tactics and introduce new crew members to stave off Japanese whalers in "Operation Divine Wind."

Saturday, Dec 29 (available until Saturday, Jan 5)

Follow Wayde King and Brett Raymer as they are making outlandish dream tanks a reality for their fish-loving clients. The duo go above and beyond to fulfill their clients' requests, often putting themselves into some amusing situations to get the job done. They build tanks for celebrities, businesses and average Joes, and their aquariums and their businesses are filled with the most exotic, unusual, colorful and dangerous fish in the world.

Sunday, Dec 30 (available until Sunday, Jan 6)

SHARK MEN boldly unmasks the mysteries of the world's largest predatory fish as it chronicles a team of expert anglers led by Chris Fischer and Dr. Michael Domeier.

Monday, Dec 31 (available until Monday, Jan 7)

Catch up with Animal Planet's newest star - Niall McCann - as he embarks on an exciting global adventure to find the BIGGEST AND BADDEST creatures on the planet! The original Canadian series follows Canadian-Brit biologist and adventurer McCann (PBS's LOST IN THE AMAZON) as he seeks out fantastic animals in far corners of the Earth, using every mode of transport available: by land, sea, on planes, in a Jeep, by canoe, and on elephant back. McCann wrestles with anacondas to measure them; takes DNA samples of giant hogs; determines the height and films the world's largest Asian elephants; and helps capture, measure and tag ferocious crocs.

Thursday, Jan 3 (available until Thursday, Jan 10)

With a reputation that precedes them, pit bulls are the world's most misunderstood breed of dogs. Once ranked among America's top five favourite pets - and known as the "nanny dog" for their gentleness with children - pit bulls have fallen from grace, outcasted by society with the likes of ex-convicts. PIT BULLS AND PAROLEES follows Tia Maria Torres, a renowned pit bull trainer and founder and owner of Villalobos Rescue Center - the largest pit bull rescue and rehabilitation facility in the U.S. Together with her staff of ex-convicts - the guys no one else will hire - fiery drama and unexpected joy results as Torres battles to give both man and man's best friend a second chance, while trying to reposition public perception toward pit bulls.

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