About My Cat From Hell: Season 3
"I Laughed, I Cried...It was Better than 'Cats'!" Jackson Galaxy Hits Broadway in All-New Season of My Cat From Hellon Animal Planet

Cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy hits the Big Apple to tackle the most catastrophic cat cases anyone has ever encountered in an all-new season of Animal Planet's My Cat From Hell. Galaxy swoops in to solve a gamut of feline-related issues and to repair the relationships they're ruining. Whether it's the cat or the owners behaving badly, leave it to Galaxy to save the day!

When combative cats cause couples to contemplate a split, and feuding felines force friends to fight for the first time, cat listener Jackson Galaxy steps in to locate the source of conflict between owners and their furry friends in the all-new, third season of My Cat From Hell.

Oftentimes for Galaxy, the zany personalities and stressful actions of humans are to blame for creating these feline dramas and putting people and cats at risk. From a territorial cat that can't get along with the family dogs, to a confused cat that uses the closet as a litter box, it's up to Galaxy to execute his proven training program and solve the gamut of feline related issues before relationships fall apart and cats are shown the door.

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