'Tanked' hooks viewers with more fish, flash and fun
By: Noelle Paredes Plaza

Fish tank aficionados Brett Raymer and Wayde King are back with the return of their hit Animal Planet show, Tanked. These passionate brothers-in-law and business partners are fast becoming household names. With a new 20-episode season, you might just find yourself hooked, your arm submerged in an aquarium, rearranging corals for your new finned friends.

The owners of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing are the best at what they do: creating enormous and jaw-dropping aquatic worlds for fish-loving clients. With no shortage of tense situations, comedic capers, and big reveals, it's no wonder the two are thrilled about the new season.

"I heard they're airing it in 200 countries so now the world's gonna see some of the tanks that we've built," says Wayde King.

"I also think season one was so short it didn't really do justice for the program," says Brett Raymer. "So season two is triple the amount of episodes, so you're gonna be able to get to see us, you know, in a wider range of what we do."

Raymer and King are all about making extraordinary aquarium fantasies a reality, sometimes in places where you wouldn't expect to see a fish tank. How about a refrigerator tank with a working water dispenser in an appliance store? Or at a manicure salon? (Picture this: a giant nail polish bottle and hand dryer as the tank's motif.)

Such quirky designs can't help but attract quirky characters like comedian and 30 ROCK star Tracy Morgan who ordered a custom-built shark tank for his home.

"Tracy's a very, very cool guy. He's really down to earth. He loves animals and aquariums just like I do. We had fun interacting with him and building the project with him and being in his house for a few days," says King. "The tank we built for him was an FRP tank with acrylic panels put in and we did it in pieces and we carried it in his basement and assembled it in his basement. So it was a very tricky build. It's very rare to do and it was fun doing it."

So what is it about aquariums that fascinate and tu
rn people into avid fish folks?

As King points out, there's the mere beauty of fish and the soothing feeling they evoke from their movement. Caring for an aquarium also involves interaction and responsibility.

It's also about having the ocean in your own home.

"There's a lot of people that, unfortunately, don't ever have a chance to see the ocean," says Raymer. "They live in places where the ocean isn't easily accessible. So having an aquarium gives them a piece of the ocean that they can bring to their house."

If you could build a fish tank...

Raymer and King don't ever seem to be short on ideas so when asked what kind of tanks they would build for two of the world's most popular figures in the world, the answers came easy.

What would you build for Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace?

"I'd build a castle tank," says Raymer. "I would put Royal Grammas and the Emperor Angel."

How about for President Barack Obama at the White House?

"I would just love to do a whole theme White House, you know, from the old presidents and all the way up to the presidents today. Do some sort of theming with the canopy and stand and interactive in the aquarium," says King. "The White House is in charge of the whole entire United States so I'd probably try to mix everything in there and have little sections of different parts of the United States."

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