It's Me or the Dog
From unruly retrievers to pampered pugs, Victoria Stilwell has seen them all. But what about the owners who live with them? IT'S ME OR THE DOG follows world-renowned British dog trainer Stilwell as she tries to restore harmony in homes where pets are running riot and the family is in the dog house. This new Animal Planet series goes behind each bite, growl and bark as all kinds of different families seemingly crumble under the pressure to turn man's best "fiend" into man's best "friend." Stilwell finds herself in the middle of family spats - playing the role of therapist or referee to tame these chaotic households before it is too late...and, it's not just the dogs that need help!

Journeying across the Atlantic, Stilwell brings her unique approach with dogs to Ame
rican families whose homes have been destroyed and relationships stretched to the breaking point. Through 20 episodes of IT'S ME OR THE DOG, Stilwell comes to the aid of a family whose 11-month-old Mastiff puppy has boundary issues; newlyweds with a territorial Jack Russell Terrier; and a household terrorized by a Toy Poodle with a hatred of men. Through observation, interviews and secret filming with a "pet cam", Stilwell uses her expertise to help the animals and their owners, restoring harmony to their home.
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