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An unexplainable entity sends one family's dog into convulsions, a beloved Yorkie goes mysteriously missing and two pet rabbits begin acting strangely before their untimely deaths.

When pets are afflicted by spirits, animals aren't the only victims. Often more sensitive to other-worldly apparitions than people, animals are sometimes subject to intense paranormal activity. Taking an intimate look at stories of pet owners whose animals act as mediaries of the afterworld, Animal Planet presents The Haunted.

Stopping at nothing to rid their homes and pets of paranormal spirits, these owners call in teams of paranormal investigators to examine and record the eerie and unexplainable events in the hopes of finding peace and resolution.

Featuring intense tales of bizarre behaviour, records of disturbing disappearances and unexpected deaths, this 10-part series brings unsettling true stories of animal hauntings to life with the help of cinematic re-creations, witness testimonies and paranormal evidence. Using complex equipment from ghost boxes to Electro Magnetic Field readers, the investigative teams study each haunting to make sense of the strange smells, sights, sounds and behaviours.

One frightening investigation leads a family to exorcism in a desperate attempt to abolish the evil demon that afflicts them and their family pet.

In another harrowing tale, after months of mysterious behaviour from the family dog, a mother and father discover unexplainable blood smeared on the wall of their infant's room. Recording sounds and capturing ghostly images so shocking they are hard to believe, The Haunted reveals what it would be like to be trapped in the middle of a ghost story.

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