About Life in the Canopy
Three Million Years Ago, Our Ancestors Came Down from the Trees... Now It's Time to Head Back Up

Ever wonder what life is like 36 metres above ground? Reminiscent of childhood adventures and castaway dreams, treehouses capture the imagination in all of us. Now living out that dream high above the coastal rainforest of Gabon, Central Africa, a zoologist, a wildlife filmmaker and an adventurer embark on a six-week tree-top expedition to study spectacular wildlife and save endangered species from extinction.

LIFE IN THE CANOPY follows this dynamic crew as they build a network of treehouses high above the rainforest floor to get a unique and never-before-seen perspective on one of the most extraordinary and least explored ecosystems left on Earth.

Home to an abundance of wildlife, the tropical rainforest of the Congo basin is one of the last untouched regions of Africa. But despite the beauty of this pristine jungle, the team endures tropical downpours, searing heat, huge poisonous centipedes and the trials of attempting everyday activities high above the forest floor.

With very little known about what lives beneath the jungle canopy, every bit of behaviour they observe is a scientific revelation. Swinging through the trees live 16 species
of primates, and one of those - the rare red-capped mangabey monkey - is one of the least studied primates in Africa and ranked high on the endangered species list. In an effort to unlock their secrets, and discover what can be done to protect them, the crew lives and works from an elaborate set-up of observation platforms - a safe-haven from the dangers of aggressive elephants and buffaloes down below.

During the day, the crew stakes out the jungle filming new behaviour, looking for new species and exploring the forest canopy using state-of-the-art climbing techniques. But when night falls, they keep watch for the venomous creatures that are now their neighbours - and unwanted housemates.

Shot with stunning aerials, time-lapse and wildlife photography, LIFE IN THE CANOPY combines beautiful imagery with raw, immersive adventure.
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