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Each mission sees Austin search out the deadliest, most venomous and rarest beasts. Whether he's tracking wild hyenas in the Ethiopian highlands, coming face-to-face with deadly snakes or fishing with grizzly bears, Austin will stop at nothing to get close enough for the perfect photo.

To survive these missions, Austin will need his instincts, his expertise and the age-old knowledge of local people. But will it be enough to guarantee his safety as he pushes his limits and his luck to get the ultimate close encounter?

Wildlife photographer Austin Stevens first earned the nickname 'Snakeman' while serving as
the South African army's official reptile remover. After surviving a near deadly snakebite - the first of many - Austin qualified as a herpetologist, and worked as curator for the two largest reptile and animal parks in Southern Africa, as well as Germany's Nordharzer Slagenfarm, which he helped design and inaugurate

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