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For more information on how to subscribe to Animal Planet HD, please contact your local television provider.

See our planet from a wilder perspective! Animal Planet is the only animal entertainment brand that captures the drama and compelling characters of the animal kingdom. From the most perilous encounters with nature's fiercest predators to the pets we bring into our own family, Animal Planet brings out the character behind every creature and shares the story behind every behaviour. Meet these animals - and their human companions and protectors - as they surprise us, scare us, play with us and teach us how similar we really are.


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Answers to the following topics can be found below: Program Scheduling; Producer Enquiries and Program Ideas; DVDs, Videos, Merchandise and Products; Contacting producers of a program; Music and Trailer information; Using material from the website; Subscribing to Animal Planet Canada; Job/Internship Opportunities.

Program Scheduling

Programming information is available on Animal Planet's TV Listings page. We are not able to provide information on specific show times, other than what's available in the on-line guide. We cannot provide information about shows that have already aired.

Most popular shows on Animal Planet Canada do air more than once. If you've missed a specific program, check the show's schedule page. It displays all planned air times for the next two weeks. If you do not find a show you're looking for, it simply means it's not scheduled to air within that timeframe.

We look to offer Canadian viewers an opportunity to watch the best Animal Planet US programs as soon they are available.

As Animal Planet Canada is separate and apart from Animal Planet in the U.S., airdates in Canada and the U.S. may vary due to rights clearances and delivery of the shows.

Please be aware that TLC, a cable channel owned by Discovery Channel in the U.S., is broadcast directly into Canada from the U.S. via your local cable or satellite subscriber. Any advertisements on that channel that refer to Animal Planet Canada programming relate solely to the U.S. channel. Animal Planet Canada has no control over the promotions or content this channel airs.

Producer Enquiries

Independent producers looking to learn more about the pitching process should review our Producer's Guide. If you have suggestions for a story or segment on Daily Planet, you can email:

DVDs, Videos, Merchandise and Products

Many (but not all) of the excellent documentaries, specials and series on ANIMAL PLANET CANADA are available on VHS or DVD through the online Discovery Store.
If you can't find a DVD you're looking for in the store search, unfortunately it is not available by any other means. Some of the programs aired on ANIMAL PLANET CANADA are created by independent production companies and licensed for broadcast only. The copyright for these programs rests with their creators and therefore we do not sell reproductions of them to the public.

Contacting producers of a program

Many of the independent production companies who produce shows aired on our channel love to get feedback. Here are some shows and their respective production companies:
Breeder of the Pack - L!vely Media (
Animals At Work, Frisky Business and Eaten Alive - Cineflix Productions (
Ultimate Africa - Digital Cr
ossing Productions (

Music and Trailer information
Although we get many requests for details about composers and tracks of music used on both our programs and trailers, we cannot respond to these enquiries. Much of the music on the channels is specially commissioned and not commercially available. However, please note that in many instances the musical soundtrack is usually credited at the end of the program.

Using material from the website
Covering topics in science, nature, adventure, and technology, and are perfect places to look for material on all kinds of subjects from animals to space, but we cannot provide individualized research on any given topic. Take a look through our A-Z section or use our search tool to find the information you need.

Please note that content on and (images, text, video, or interactive content) cannot be copied or re-used in any way. If you wish to share it with others, just point them to the site.
We occasionally receive requests for permission to re-publish images. Almost all of the images on the site are drawn from our programs and are used under provision of fair comment or promotion. For copyright reasons we do not make images available for external use.

Why Quebec residents are sometimes excluded from Animal Planet contests

Animal Planet Canada as well as many other companies, exclude Quebec residents from participating in national contests due to the laws applicable to contests. All contests in Canada are subject to applicable laws found in the Federal Criminal Code and Competition Act. In addition, the province of Quebec (through the Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux du Quebec) imposes certain rules and regulations including certain filing requirements and the payment of fees on contests open to residents of Quebec. The additional rules and regulations are not imposed by any other province, and make it more difficult and expensive to operate a contest in Quebec.

Job/Internship Opportunities
For Animal Planet Canada job listings, please visit Bell Media's Careers section.
For internship inquiries at Daily Planet, please visit our Internship page.

Subscribing to Animal Planet in Canada
Animal Planet Canada is carried by every cable operator and satellite provider in Canada. It's available on regular cable, digital cable, satellite and HD in specific markets. For more information on receiving Animal Planet Canada, please contact your local cable operator or satellite provider.
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