Nick Baker's Weird Creatures: Have Your Say
In a unique collaboration with the British Natural History Museum, this landmark series is presented by the exuberant and engaging Nick Baker.

Nick Baker's Weird Creatures takes the viewer to some of the most remote and inhospitable corners of the globe in order to find the ugliest, slimiest and downright bizarre animals that grace the planet.

These are the animals that Nick Baker has been longing to track down ever since his childhood visits to the repository of zoological wonders, at the National History Museum.

Taking viewers behind the scenes into the world of specimen jars and formaldehyde at the Natural History Museum, Nick is drawn to the most extreme, absurd and unusual exhibits. These are the mutants of the natural world. First appearing a
s deformities and defects, viewers will see just how these creatures have in fact evolved highly specialized characteristics in order to survive.

Nick meets the specialists who have devoted their lives to these zoological outcasts and the indigenous people with whom these oddities share their habitat. Tracking these obscurities to their actual homes, Nick is finally able to find the answers to his childhood questions.

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