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Commissioned by Animal Planet and hosted by veteran safari guide Jean Du Plessis, Ultimate Africa is a documentary series that goes on a wild and exhilarating journey throughout east Africa.

From raiding a poaching camp in a remote swamp to encountering human-versus-lion conflict outside a national park, this series studies the continent from the perspective of someone who understands the complexities and challenges of the region firsthand.

A fifth-generation South African, Du Plessis developed his love of African wildlife as a child in the foothills of the Draknsberg Mountains. After earning his business degree in tourism from the University of Pretoria, South Africa, Du Plessis participated in some of the most daring African safaris available. With experience as a game ranger in the Kalahari Desert, Du Plessis has also served as head ranger for various African hotels and is considered a pioneer in starting regular safari adventures across Tan

In his latest Ultimate Africa adventure, Du Plessis' travels shed light on the conservation issues that are plaguing Africa today. What is behind the growing extinction of some of the world's most exotic animals? How do African primates survive habitat destruction? How do reserves sustain themselves through sport hunting?

From the plains of the Serengeti to the jungles of Mahale Mountains, Du Plessis explores these questions and more as each episode of the series presents an insider's look at the conservation and preservation challenges of African wildlife.

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