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From hyenas to rhinos, find out some fascinating facts about the wildlife featured on Austin Stevens Adventures.

Grizzly Bears
  • One of the world's largest land predators, grizzly bears weigh four times as much as the average man.
  • Grizzly bears can easily outrun humans
  • Shy and elusive, these great swimmers have a sense of smell hundreds of times more sensitive than ours.
  • Bear cubs usually stay with their mothers for two and a half years.

  • Faster in water than on land, pythons can remain submerged for 30 minutes at a time.
  • A full-grown Burmese python can easily swallow an alligator... Or an entire adult human.
  • Pythons never stop growing, reaching up to 27 feet and weighing hundreds of pounds.
  • Introduced to new habitats by the pet trade, Burmese pythons are eating Florida's local wildlife onto the endangered species list.

The White Rhino
  • A true giant with over two tons of armour-plated bone and muscle, the white rhino is heavier than a large car.
  • The white rhino's name refers not to its colour, but the Afrikaans word for 'wide' - a description of its massive mouth.
  • More dangerous and elusive than the white rhino, the black rhino is easily distinguished by the hooked upper lip it uses to grasp its food.
  • Rhinos eat 40 kilograms of tiny leaves every day, can drink up to eighty litres of water daily, and can outrun an Olympic sprinter.

Asian Elephants
  • While their African cousins live on the open savannah, Sri Lanka's Asian elephants live in small herds in the jungle.
  • Of the country's 4,000 Asian elephants, only seven percent of males grow tusks.
  • Hidden among the trees, the elephants are perfectly camouflaged and almost invisible.
  • Elephants can outrun an average human and kill 60 people a year in Sri Lanka.
  • As farming encroaches on their habitat, Sri Lanka's elephant population is under increasing pressure.

Cane toads
  • Originally introduced to control cane beetles, cane toad numbers have ballooned from around a hundred in 1935, to over 100 million toads today.
  • Cane toads pose three deadly threats - they devour anything that moves, they poison any animal that tries to eat them, and they rapidly demolish the natural food supply
  • Female cane toads can lay up to 30,000 eggs at a time. A cane toad's powerful poison can kill a crocodile. Few places in Australia are safe from these toxic invaders.

  • Spotted hyenas are the second largest predators in Africa.
  • They travel as a pack and have no natural predators.
  • With the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom for their body size, they can consume every part of a carcass, including bones and teeth.
  • Hyenas often start feasting before their prey has taken its last breath; literally eating it alive
  • Hyena females are dominant and more aggressive, and are known to bring down lions, water buffalo... And even humans.

Amazon Killer Bats
  • Known to live in caves and roost in trees, vampire bats are nocturnal, and can drink their weight in blood in a single feed.
  • Reviled for their bloodthirsty habits, vampire bats are feared as killers who can transmit the deadly rabies virus with a single bite.
  • The growing number of vampire bats in South America is infecting and killing 100,000 cows per year with rabies.
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I love this show. I wish they would come to Mississippi ! I can't wait for the new season.
I love this show. I wish they would come to Mississippi ! I can't wait for the new season.
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